November 22, 2023 at 6:00 pm

The Lit & Phil

Alex Niven

The North will Rise Again

An in-depth exploration of the importance of the North of England in the modern era, The North will Rise Again covers the colourful adventures of its inhabitants, the expansiveness and optimism that defines Northern culture, and the recurrent sense of failure and despair that is at the heart of one of the West’s most impoverished regions.

To what extent are the crises of the last ten years partly the result fo fundamental divides and inequalities in the geography of England? How did the North become a place of lost potential and broken dreams? And what can be done to make it one of the most dynamic and forward-looking places in the world once again? Alex Niven considers all these questions and more in this lively and highly topical book.

Dr Alex Niven is a Lecturer in English Literature at Newcastle University.

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