November 22, 2023 at 2:00 pm

City Library

Ian Jackson

North East Rocks: The History of the North East in 20 stones

The Director of the British Museum, Neil McGregor needed 100 objects to describe just 300,000 years of human history. Is it possible to describe 425 million years of the evolution of the landscape of North East England in two books about 100 rocky places, or in this talk about 20 stones in 40 short minutes? This talk will journey across the North East and beneath it to explore the rocks that not only produced our region’s stunning scenery, but are the foundation of its history, economy, wildlife and culture. Discover remnants of old volcanoes and deep oceans, walk across ancient coral reefs; visit mining villages that were once tropical swamps; or see the evidence for the awesome force of the last Ice Age. We hope the talk will inspire you to visit many of these places and perhaps to read the books.

Chartered geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society, Ian Jackson is the author of a recently published best-selling trilogy: Northumberland Rocks, Cumbria Rocks and the forthcoming, Durham Rocks.


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