November 23, 2023 at 6:00 pm

The Lit & Phil

Jad Adams

Decadent Women: Yellow Book Lives

In this book Jad Adams chronicles the vibrant and passionate women who wrote for the 1890s journal The Yellow Book. During 1890s, British women for the first time began to leave their family homes to seek work, accommodation, and financial and sexual freedom.

Decadent Women is an account of some of these women who wrote for the innovative art and literary journal The Yellow Book. Based on original research, Adams describes the lives and work of these women, from well-connected and fashionable aristocrats to the desperately poor. He narrates the challenges they faced in a literary marketplace, and within a society that overwhelmingly favoured men, showing how they were pioneers of a new style, living lives of lurid adventure and romance, as well as experiencing poverty, squalor, disease and unwanted pregancy.

Jad Adams is Research Fellow at the Institute of English, School of Advance Study, University of London. His many books include Women and the Vote: a World History.

The Lit & Phil has all 13 volumes of  The Yellow Book in its collection.


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